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SPRING 2021 


(Revised 4/9/21)

Because of the Easter Recess and the numerous requests to extend this week testing time frame due to Family Vacation Time. (Normally we would have been closed this week.) Class #3, Practice Exam #2 (DC DiDomenico's Class) will be extended to Wednesday April 14th at 1800 hrs. Data will be collected at this time and the exam Breakdown will be posted on Thursday morning. Class #4 (BC Maguire's Class) will be posted on Thursday April 15th and run for 10 days until Class #5, Practice Exam #3 (BC Paolicelli's Class) will be posted on Monday April 26th. We will then continue with the weekly scheduled classes. Again, thank you and continue to review all the other material that is currently posted while we wait for DCAS to announce upcoming exam test dates.


Now that the Captain's test is on the horizon, Fire Tech will be conducting On-Line programs to prepare all members for the upcoming Lieutenants and Captain’s promotional exams this year.


The first program is a 12 Class intense prep course, while focused on preparing Captain Candidates for the upcoming Spring Captain test, totally appropriate for both Lieutenant and Captain Candidates, consisting of the following:


*4 Practice exams - on all topics

*4 Practice exams - on selected critical topics (FFP, Communications, AUCs, TBs...)

4 traditional classes focused on Select Hot Topics + Critical Administration Questions for All Candidates


*NOTE: These “Practice Exams” will be computer based, with a 3 hr time limit and an anonymous exam breakdown for both Lt Candidates and Capt Candidates at the end of the week. An “Audio Presentation” will also be provided for each of these Practice Exams at the end of the week.


These 12 classes will provide a high percentage of material that you should expect to see on both of the upcoming exams, and will be given in real Promotional Exam Style, with a full lecture review of the entire class online.


Note: The 4 traditional classes with Administration Questions contain large amounts of questions (AUC 5, Certain PAIDS, ...) that affect all ranks. These classes were given online last year for free, and are being provided again (after reviewing) for free during this course because of their great value to Captain Candidates. NOTE: These 4 classes are currently under review and will be posted again starting March 29th.


These Classes will begin on March 22nd with Class #1 being "Practice Exam #1" with DC Jim DiDomenico as the instructor. The fee for this program will be $100. and we are currently working on an on-line payment process that will be posted soon. The first 4 classes will be available to all current students. In order to access Class #5 thru 12 members will have to register for the "SPRING 2021 CO / CC PROGRAM".


If you are interested in sending a check ("FIRE TECH") for $100. to:

FIRE TECH, P.O. Box 902, Pearl River, NY 10965

Please include your Name, Rank, Unit # and your e-mail address. This will get you access to all the current material currently posted on-line. (On-line weekly program, Instructor Instinct questions and Random Review questions) in addition you will be enrolled in the new "Spring 2021 C.O. / C. C. Program".


This has been a very trying year for all students in so many ways. But as we now know, these tests only happen every 4 - 5 years and sometimes longer. The time is now to step it up and Fire Tech will provide you the guidance and preparation you need to get you through this grueling process.


We wish you all the very best with your health, families and studying through these challenging times!