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2022 LIEUTENANT'S PROGRAM - Rev 12/01/22

FIRE TECH’S - 2022 LT'S PROGRAM (12/01/22)



The Breakdowns will be published here as well as in "Moodle" in the respective Class Week of each Practice Trial Exam. These PRACTICE TRIAL EXAM Breakdowns is a gauge of where you stand versus your competition relating to Firefighting and Operational type questions. This exam simulates what a moderately challenging, real exam would look like for Lieutenant Candidates. The Breakdowns will be completely anonymous. This is also a great opportunity to practice computer based testing.





You can be sure this promotion exam will be extremely competitive and every point will be critical!

After a long, unprecedented delay, Lieutenant Test Day is finally happening on December 14th, 2022 in less than 6 months. Based on Fire Tech’s Captain’s Mock list, exams are becoming extremely competitive and every point counts. Marks in the 70 - 80 range are passing marks, but may not be promotable marks. Fire Tech is looking forward to preparing everyone for the upcoming Lieutenant Test and helping you achieve your career goals.


Fire Tech recently began a comprehensive (ON-LINE ONLY) 17 - Class Lieutenant Program to guide you to the finish line.


Registration for the Final 2022 Lieutenant Program is currently available to all students. One of the benefits of on-line classes is that it's never too late to start studying and you never miss a class due to child care issues, last minute mutual’s or restricted hostage groups. You can always review the material anytime or anywhere at your convenience.


The fee for this program will be $220. Fire Tech now has the capability to register on-line and pay using a credit card. If you would like to Register On-Line BUT you were not enrolled in the SPRING 2020 or 2021 Program you must e-mail your Name, Rank, Unit # and the E-mail address that you will use to log-in to the program. Fire Tech will send you an e-mail with your account information and instructions to logging into the SPRING 2022 Program. Thank You.


This program will include the following:

  • 12 Classes of tests on critical potential test topics - using brand new questions to cover the most likely test sections from Firefighting Procedures, Emergency Procedures, AUCs, Training Bulletins, Communications, ERP, Haz-Mat, Regulations, PAIDs, Evolutions, and CFR-D.


  • 5 Graded Trial Exams classes will also be given - on all topics. This will closely simulate a real Lieutenant’s exam to help you prepare for the real exam on test day.


  • All Fire Tech classes will consist of a Computer-Based Test Exam that will simulate what you will experience on test day. These computer based exams are timed exams allowing you to practice taking numerous exams under the pressure of simulated testing conditions.


  • All Fire Tech lessons will provide coverage of New and Revised material that will be on your bibliography, including the major revisions to Engine Operations, Regulations, PAIDS, Safety Bulletins, Firefighting Procedures, and the Communications Manual.


  • Many other new documents that have emerged will also be covered throughout the program like the New Fire Dynamics, ERP 3B, AUC 7, AUC 180, AUC 325, Rope 5, Rope 6, and Evolutions 35 & 36 that will all be covered in this program.


  • In addition to the Computer Based exams, Fire Tech will provide a printable version of the lesson, which will include numerous breakdown style note sheets on the newly revised documents, showing you where the critical test points are.


  • Fire Tech Lectures (Audio Presentation) will thoroughly explain the material you will need to know on test day. Fire Tech’s Audio Lectures allow you to utilize your “sense of hearing”. This greatly helps you retain the massive amount of information you must study by using multiple senses to learn.


  • In addition to the 17 Classes, Fire Tech will add several “Bonus Computer Based Practice Quizzes” throughout the program using random topics to reinforce the computer based format.


  • Be sure to start with a structured reading study plan. Fire Tech has a “Study List” (A list of all Study Material all Lt Candidates needs to know) and also a “12 week Reading Guide” which tries to compile the related reading materials within a close time frame. Students can always expand or compress the number of weeks. Study Guides are updated to reflect the new Bibliography that was release on June 29th.

This has been a very unique and rare time for all students in so many ways. But as we now know, these tests only happen every 4 - 5 years and sometimes much longer. The time is now to step it up and Fire Tech will provide you the guidance and preparation you need to get you through this grueling process.